November 3, 2020, at the White House, was a night to remember. Here’s what I’ve seen.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

It is election night. It’s 5 P.M., and I am entering the White House grounds. Outside, the West Wing is fully packed with cameras and media. The atmosphere is tense and electric. Anticipation is running high.

The moment I started recording and spoke positively about anything to do with Melania, the atmosphere around me suddenly became even tenser.  The judgment in the air is palpable for Melania; it’s apparently guilt by association where they are concerned.

The US mainstream media really hates Trump. They can’t wait to see him going away into the night. But that is expected, as that relationship went sour at the beginning and never recovered. On the other hand, Trump did nothing to mend the relationship with the media, assuming he could. From the very beginning, it was the thug of wars.

In the first few hours nothing much happened. Then, the first figures kicked in. Trump started leading, at some point he even had the popular vote to his advantage. The air in the White House started thickening even more. The figures were rapidly changing, and it looked like Wimbledon finals at some point. Less elegant, tough. Trump and the First Lady are already receiving their 400 guests and the end-of-campaign celebration is already under way. British Agent Provocateur Nigel Farage is in presence.  

The voice of Biden came through the monitor in the White House Briefing room where all the press were wearing masks.  He came out on the stage in Delaware to thank his voters for support and to timely announce his future victory, even though, at that point, the numbers were not showing that result at all. It was too early in the game for anyone to know the result.


Interestingly, days before the election night people were warned that Trump will be the one to come out first and proclaim the victory— that that must not happen. Well it did, but it wasn’t Trump who did it. Biden did it, first. 

After that move by the Democrats, it was clear that the “war of words” was on. We saw a straight defensive response on the President’s Twitter and immediately after that, an attack speech from Trump. On whom? Many say democracy, as the not-so-popular President openly called out the other side for being “fraudsters.” 

Perhaps he didn’t choose the best words, but didn’t we get used to his forceful language, his unorthodox way of communication? Why is that so different now? Is it because he pointed out that the voting system in America may be corrupt or fundamentally flawed?  Big statements without evidence, we all agree, or at least many agree. 

If there is any truth to these statements by the President of America, don’t we deserve, at least, to hear all those people who were not allowed, even with the court order, to attend the vote counting as they claimed and forbidden to observe the vote verification from a correct distance? Is the media not interested at all to investigate, to send some reporters and get to the facts of the alleged problem? 

If I, as a visitor, am interested to hear more about these claims, then 70 million voters who are feeling left in limbo, are confused.

It is American Democracy in crisis. Surely American people deserve to hear both sides of the truth. Oops… the truth has only one side— Whose side? Keep calm and count on.  The world is watching.

Nevena Bridgen
Nevena Bridgen


Nevena Bridgen is the Founder of The Wives of Westminster. She is an opera singer and a wife of MP Andrew Bridgen.

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